contacts the Sun..still waiting for a response! moderator Yolkie contacted the Sun over the weekend with regards to Steven Howards piece on Saturday. What do you think of Yolkie’s e-mail and should we be refreshing our mailbox every minute waiting for a response?


I’m writing in response to Steven Howard’s piece on Saturday 21st June regarding Ronaldo.

Manchester United fans who read the Sun have had to tolerate your evident disregard for our club for some time. I, myself, stopped reading in April after a game at Chelsea when you inexplicably attacked Sir Alex and his assistant in your column – a column in which you declared Ferguson had made a “tactical and selection blunder” in the game at the Nou Camp, and dismissed the penalty appeal at Stamford Bridge in the incident involving Ronaldo/Ballack, while at the same time stating the decision against Carrick was “perfectly correct” – comparing it to Gallas’ clear handball at Old Trafford.

Of course, you don’t need to be told that you got it horribly wrong when criticising Ferguson’s tactics, but the sheer hypocrisy in the same article was what initially turned me away – coupled with the undeniable fact that you have had major trouble accepting that Arsenal did not play the best football over the season.

I was alerted to your column in Saturday 21st June’s edition by a friend who thought it would make me laugh – but all in all, I found it compelling to read. It’s pre-season, United have just won the double, have done nothing of note in the transfer window and have denied the talk of the sale of Ronaldo. But you cannot resist having a swipe at United fans, with no real evidence to support your insults. Your first two paragraphs are presumably some kind of bold statement – when in actual fact, it has been rival fans calling him a “cheating, devious, underhand” individual and are crowing about him being the best in the world now that there are strong links attaching him to Real Madrid.

You go on to state that “even rabid Reds should realise the hypocrisy”, stating we “cherry picked” the best players, naming as examples, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, and Carlos Tevez. As a journalist you will know Newcastle were negotiating for Rooney, Man Utd simply came in with an offer, that was negotiated higher to almost extortionate levels, just because it was us. Of course we can never be sure of how much Everton invested in him, but something of which I’m certain is that they were handsomely rewarded. Leeds demanded £29m for Ferdinand – I suppose, again, it comes down to what you define “nicking” as. Personally, I don’t believe that term really applies to paying over the odds just because of the club you are. I wouldn’t exactly call it law of the jungle, Mr Howard, but you are very naive – clubs don’t sell players under contract that they don’t want to sell, it’s a little thing called “the transfer market” and has been part of the game of football since it’s conception. United aren’t the only club to buy a player when he had a contract, that’s why the fee is called “a transfer fee”.

“Nicking” may however apply to your beloved Arsene Wenger, who offers sky-high wages to mid-teens considered the best in the world in their age bracket to lure them away from their clubs, though I suppose that is exempt from your criticsm.

Concentrating on Ronaldo again, you make the point that Ferguson didn’t make him the player he is. You highlight the fact that not every single player has become the best player in the world under Ferguson’s tutelage as proof that he didn’t. Maybe he isn’t solely responsible, but is the fact that he resolutely refused to sell him after the World Cup not the biggest defining chapter in Ronaldo’s career – to return, in adversity, to develop the character to play without fear in any arena. Much as Beckham had to in 1998. Much as he shielded Giggs from the spotlight, as Giggs became the most decorated player in the history of the English game. Much as Eric Cantona resisted the temptation to quit as he was being hounded out of the country in 1995, and returned to inspire United to a double, and much as Roy Keane became the on pitch personification of his gaffer.

As I said, you make a good point, but it is surely only salient if you can identify a manager who has created a higher concentration of home-grown or acquired players into world class players with a greater success rate. People fail in every job, Mr Howard, it is not Sir Alex’s fault some don’t hit the heights. You conveniently neglect to mention that of those players that don’t succeed at United, a great number go on to earn a living as a professional footballer. I would even like to gamble that there are more ex-United players playing at a good professional level in the lower leagues than there are from any other club.

Further on, you comment that he is bored of the defenders in England, nod to Real Madrid’s greater trophy count, and the fact that he will line up alongside “Robben and Van Nistelrooy” as three big factors that make a move attractive to him.

It is on these three points that I have grave doubts over your pedigree as a football journalist.

As a professional writer of the sport, do you honestly believe that the defenders in the Villareal or Real Madrid teams pose a sterner test to him than those of Chelsea or Liverpool? That Racing Santander, Athletico Madrid and Mallorca provide a substantial leap in terms of gulf in class over Arsenal, Aston Villa, or Everton?

The English league has four fully professional divisions and as a country has possibly the greatest concentration of professional clubs fighting for trophies. Real Madrid do have a greater trophy haul but with fewer strong opponents is that really any different than using the argument to prove that either Glasgow club are far bigger than either Real or United? Five of Real’s European Cup wins came in the era where the Busby babes were tipped to be the dominant force, as Munich ended those dreams. Another followed before United won their first one – it’s very well using their history as a reason, and it is a very proud history, but your argument holds no more water than it would if you were arguing that he should move to Liverpool. Preston North End were proud unbeaten champions of the first league championship, why isn’t everyone lining up to play for them?

Which nicely leads in to the quality of teammates he could prospectively play alongside. Are the likes of van Nistelrooy and Robben favourable when compared to Tevez and Rooney, and friends Nani and Anderson? I appreciate that the point would be made but surely, again, it’s only a worthwhile argument if the point you are attempting to make is overwhelmingly conclusive. Furthermore, you use in inverted commas the term ‘the great players at Old Trafford’ as if it is somehow derisory – but how is a move from the current European Champions anything but a step to a lower calibre of player? Old Trafford boasts players who have a far greater success rate than those at Real. In Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs, and Paul Scholes, we have legends that even the great Raul hasn’t matched in terms of success, bar one more European Cup.

You state that “it’s becoming too easy for him, like it did Henry”. I am aware that you are either a huge fan of Arsenal or another side that will not conflict your love-in with the Gunners, but surely you cannot be serious? Henry moved in 2006 after 2 years of decline at Arsenal, which was mirrored by the teams performances, and he moved at the last chance that Barcelona would make a move that didn’t look like just an easy way to end his career. Ronaldo is at the peak of his game, despite your protestations, because of the effort, quality and selflessness of his teammates. He has just won the European Cup and Premier League, and has already achieved arguably more in 5 years at Old Trafford than Henry ever did at Arsenal. Ronaldo may move, but using it as a chance to somehow elevate Henry to his status considering his decline (something, which, tellingly, has accelerated incredibly despite playing against these supposed magnificent opponents) is poor journalism.

A final, telling point, is your insistence that Ronaldo should be allowed to “pursue a move to his dream club which is Real Madrid”. As you will.. or I should say, should, be aware, Ronaldo’s “dream club” is Benfica. I’m aware that the situation as it stands may be a repeat, and Ronaldo could join great rivals in the name of the almighty dollar/pound/euro, but to somehow explain the situation in terms of United standing in the way of a players dream and suggesting they are guilty of doing worse than Real in the past is ridiculous.

As a journalist your role should be to at least evaluate the facts and present them in a considered way, but you have neglected to do this, and instead have once again abused your position to slate United.

I do not expect you to respond to this email or even read it, but it enabled me to get the chance to get things off my chest. If you do read it, I hope that you at least take on board that perhaps it is time to stop such shameless and clear disregard for Man Utd – what you are currently doing is not journalism, it is just a soapbox.


Howard – Angry.

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  1. Hear, hear!!!!!!!
    Ronaldo is obviously chasing the money.
    Fergie has nurtured some of the worlds greatest talent in the game over the past twenty years.
    Fergie is obviously an inspiration to his players as so many go on to manage in the game, several in the premier league today.

    The Sun isn’t a newspaper, and the hacks that write for it are not reporters. In the same way that writers for Heat magazine are not in the same league as those that write for the Times or the Guardian.

  2. Howard, loved reading your letter. It is very well presented and formed. It informed me too lol, and I am rabid Man Utd fan. The content of your letter will no doubt educate the journalist to whom it’s addressed, and I hope he feels well and truly told off. Good on you Howard, you owned that sports reporter full on.

  3. Superb article/email although it may be wasted on the hacks at the Sun, sending an email assumes the recipient can read…….

  4. Well done Yolkie!

    I read the article myself and had intended to email the sun about this disgraceful piece.

    Another point that Mr Howard conveniently ignores (or perhaps he was not aware of) is the fractious relationship that Ronaldo has with Van Nistelrooy.

    I hardly think Ruud will be rubbing his hands with glee thinking of how hard he’ll have to work for Ronaldo. In RVN’s last weeks at United the tension between the two was palpable, hardly the recipe for ‘happy families’ at Madrid is it?

  5. Craig Mc, cheers, but Howard is the journalist who wrote the original piece for the Sun!! Haha.

    Mikee, I was going to mention the relationship between Ruud and Ronaldo but I felt it was too easy – surely he must have realised his mistake as soon as that went into print.

    I’m a little annoyed with myself, I wrote that Henry moved in 2006 and it was in fact 2007, and I can imagine that any response will include that mistake as some kind of little victory, even if it doesn’t actually detract from the point. If anything, it further illustrates it, given that Henry had had THREE years of decline.

  6. superb E-mail. This idiot only wants rid of money grabber ronaldo cause he thinks it will give his beloved arse a chance of winning the title next season. How little he knows

  7. Well put Howard. But why bother reading that comic of a newspaper The Sun. It’s pure rubbish not one page of it is worth reading.


    But if I were you I would not loose much sleep over it as when i read so much hatred and jealousy against us I realise what a great club and team we have.

    Don’t give up on Ronaldo as this always happens to him after he would have been with that big ape Scolari for a period of time. If Ronaldo had his head on his shoulders he would realise that the best players want to play in the premier league and are coming to do so in their droves and not the other way round. This I believe is why Real want Ronaldo so much.

    Come on you Reds. Forever and ever.

  8. Genius email – it was about time somebody knocked Howard off his F8cking perch.

    He’s so anti United its risible. Marca should save themselves some money and just get his articles translated into Spanish.

    It’s all well and good for footie journos to have a favourite team (be odd if they didn’t) but Howard doesn’t even make the slightest effort to conceal his dislike – and jealousy – of United.

  9. Excellent article.
    The only debatable point is if Real Madrid’s history can truly be described as ‘proud’ when that history, rather than statistics of trophies won, is studied.
    Barcelona, at least, certainly do not believe RM should be proud because of their associations with Franco, the Spanish Royalty, FA and the financial institutions.

  10. Nice touch mate. But considering the kind of trash the people at the Sun are, I wonder if it was worth showing them that much respect in the form of such a long email.

    My email would go something like: “Fuck off cunts! We are Manchester United. End of.”

    Extremely eloquent, innit? 🙂

  11. Oops sorry Yolkie lol. I thought the photo and the Howard – angry, was you being angry at the journo, and that you were also called Howard. My mistake eh?. Still a megga response to the Sun article though, and the journo fully deserved it!.

  12. RedRanter, haha – so we meet again!. Think your response to the journo was bad and mad lol!. If you had sent it that is.

  13. RedRanter, it sure is lol. I haven’t found where Conor and the Irish contingent have migrated to yet – haha!.

  14. Some people give United fans a bad name.

    What Real Madrid want to do to Ronaldo is EXACTLY what we have done to [deep breath] Yorke, Rio, Rooney and so on. The Rooney debacle was identical, Everton didn’t want to sell, Rooney handed in a transfer request and Everton had to accept the transfer bid for fear of losing Rooney for less later on or just wasting him as a player. It may be law of the jungle and if it is we can’t be upset with Real Madrid for being the bigger animals.

    Also, Ronaldo is not Beckham or Giggs or Scholes, he is Portuguese, he, like most everyone else, hates English weather and would much rather live in a city like Madrid which is undoubtedly more beautiful, warmed and has better looking women than Manchester.

    He, simply put, does not want to play for Man United and I accept it and still love Ronaldo. Even if he lives I will still love him. I never stopped loving Beckham when he left, Stam and Van Nistelrooy the same and I’m not going to stop loving Ronaldo.

    The journalist talks a lot of sense and yes this “bored of English defenders” rubbish could have been avoided but he’s right to point out that all the people that come out with “Ronaldo should stay at United because United made him the player he is” are nought more than idiots. Who came up with this theory that if somebody “made a player” then they shouldn’t leave. Cardiff let Aaron Ramsey go, they made him, Everton did for Rooney so why are we saying that Ronaldo should be forced to stay?

    The worst is when I hear IDIOTS saying he’s doing it for the money, what complete and utter fools. He’s not doing it for the money, he could get a raise at United if he asked for one and gets taxed less aswell. Ronaldo is not out for money as he already earns £130,000 a week from football alone.

    If you want to e-mail an idiot, e-mail Oliver Holt. This guy seems to have got it right, atleast in that article.

  15. PeeJay, some of us see things differently, but I hope we can do so without name calling.

    Everton did want to sell Rooney. Newcastle were already negotiating a transfer for him. Bobby Robson then bragged to the media that N’Castle were about to buy Rooney, because United couldn’t afford him. That’s how United found out Rooney was for sale, and made a bid for him. Fergie himself said that United did not know the lad was for sale, until Robson’s media spillage. Everton only started to say they didn’t want to sell, to appease Everton fans who kicked up great resistance when Rooney opted for United. So facts please.

    Leeds wanted to sell Rio, and most of their crown jewels actually, because the club had gone way over their heads financially, and the creditors were knocking fiercely at the door, threatening arbitration. Like Everton though, they had to say they didn’t want to sell to appease raging leeds fans. That is a well known fact PeeJay. As for Yorke, I don’t know what transpired, but I believe it was Yorke himself who kicked up a fuss, and not United. Agents have a lot to answer for PeeJay, you know that!.

    Real Madrid – Bigger Animals?. I can’t agree, but I will say they are dirtier and bloodier in the fight lol!. I think United fans PeeJay have no problems with CR7 leaving, whatever his reasons, their gripe is the way he has chosen to go about it. You will still love CR7, that’s commendable seriously, but not everybody will feel that way, we are all different in the way we deal with things. I never loved him anyway, but I didn’t dislike him either, I respect his contribution to the United cause. But do I see him has an egotistical prick, yes without apology, but that’s just me, one person, so no biggie eh?. Becks, Stam and Ruud cannot be used as examples of why we should love CR7 whether he stays or goes, it’s wrong comparison, because those three did not want to leave, and Fergie was mercenary with them. Whether people still love him or not PeeJay is down to their own choice, that’s life.

    Cardiff made Ramsey?. What exactly have they made yet?. Nobody knows, he may turn out a tremendous flop. Nobody is saying that CR7 should be forced to stay, United’s stance is more in dealing with Real Madrid than CR7. It’s not because United improved Ronaldo as a player out of all recognition to what he was when he came from Sporting. They had given basic skills, United gave him most of the greatness he is today. You may want to debate that, but again its just my personal opinion. Many fans are not saying he should be forced to stay because he owes us anything. It is Fergie and the owners who are adamant he is not for sale. You seem to give fans too much power in this!.

  16. Yaah man. U would make a better football journalist than that the Gooner Howard posing as one. ask him why there are now 4 former Man U players who are managers if Fergie is not a good man manager and mentor

  17. PeeJay,

    your argument becomes moot with your very first example: Rooney handed in a transfer request.

    Ronaldo doesn’t have the balls to even do that. (Is he worried about losing the bonus money by handing in the request?) Nor does he want to say that he wants to stay at United. Where’s the honesty?

    Fuck him. End of.

  18. If I remember correctly, Yorke wanted to leave Aston Villa, the club that “made him”, for a bigger, more famous or more desireable club. Whether Real Madrid is bigger, more famous or more desireable than United is debatable, but the fact remains that Ronaldo seems to find Real Madrid so.

    Aston Villa didn’t want to sell Yorke but he forced the transfer through by playing terribly in the few matches in which he played. The difference is that Aston Villa realized that it was better to make a tidy £12million or so, which was quite a lot back then, whereas United would prefer to just let Ronaldo rot. Fair enough.

    As for the Rooney thing being different, Ronaldo hasn’t had the chance to submit a transfer request which will probably happen if he wants to leave considering all he has to do is write an e-mail. However, who can exclude the theory that he has submitted one but United haven’t announced it?

    As for United fans not liking the way he’s trying to leave, well, what was he supposed to do? Play at United for the next four years, refuse to commit, and leave on a bosman in 2012? Would you have preferred that?

    I think that if a player wants to leave his current club he should be allowed to, he’s not a goldfish. How would you have preferred it? The fact is that Ronaldo could have tried to leave in the most gracious of manners but we would still have some United fans, many of which southerners, demanding his head. I think some people think that Ronaldo owes his life to United and is an object that United made and can be disposed of when, and only when, United want to. I disagree; who are we to say that Ronaldo can’t leave? And who would want to keep a player at a club when he doesn’t want to stay? C’mon, that’s not what United’s about. Back in my day they used to say “if you think you’re above the club the door’s over there”. Now it’s; “if you think you’re above the club we’ll keep you here against your wishes, paying you £130,000 a week to play in the reserves”.

    How times change.

  19. Peejay – Firstly, Roanaldo doesn’t have to wait till 2012 to move on – he can ‘buy out’ his contract in 2010 under the Webster ruling which specifically states that any player who signed a contract before the age of 28 can buy himself out of the contract three years after the deal was signed. The window is shortened to two years if he is 28 or older. Just wanted to point that out….

    I have a number of immature comments regarding Ronaldo – but I don’t believe that being Southern has anything to do with these comments. At the end of the day Ronaldo is a top class footballer and is on course to be one of the best ever. I do think he hasn’t conducted himself well since the Champions League final and therefore I understand the abuse that has been aimed at him from some United fans. I personally disagree with what he is doing/has done but I do admire his footballing talent immensely.

    I agree with your thinking also:

    if you think you’re above the club the door’s over there

  20. PeeJay, like I said, not many fans are saying that CR7 should be manacled to the stands and left there. It is at present a management/ownership decision, and you need to address it by emailing them, if it continues to disturb you. The difference with the Yorke case, is that it was the player who kicked up the fuss, not United keep going to the press and saying we are going to get this player, he will sign for us such and such a date. Real Madrid are VILE in their attempts to always do their business through the media. We have heard them churn out week after week, that they have the funds whatever it costs. Now suddenly they are bucking at paying the ultimate price for the supposedly world No 1. Should we give him away for peanuts then PeeJay?.

    Where have you seen CR7 say, that he sees Madrid as a bigger, better club than Man Utd?. Where have you seen him say that he even wants to leave?. That’s the thing that is inflaming many United fans, he hasn’t had the guts to come out like every other player has and looked into the camera and said, Yes I want to leave United. I have not seen one interview with the ENGLISH media where he has categorically come out and said “Yes I want to leave.” In fact when he talked to the English press twice he said “Yes I stay.” Whether we particularly like it or not, CR7 does owe the club and fans at least that. Other players you have mentioned so avidly, all said forthrightly to club, fans, and the media, yes I want to go. Management of our great club are not upset with CR7, but with Real Madrid running roughshod over everyone else. If anybody thinks it’s ok for Madrid to behave like that, then surely they can’t be at the same time, moralising over Fergie/Glazers stance. I will say again PeeJay, not many fans are agreeing that CR7 be kept against his will. With regards to Madrid and CR7 though, I back management of United that they are not going to roll over and make it easy for Madrid. I have never known a club in England, to so abrasively, and arrogantly EVER come out in the media and stipulate that they are going to sign another clubs player, on such and such a date, when the selling club has emphasised that player is not for sale. If you can’t see that as a blooming cheek, then I don’t get you PeeJay. I believe every true United fan has a right to his own stance on how he sees the Ronaldo debacle. We were double winners, and should have been riding on a high through the summer, but every day the sheen is taken of our teams glorious efforts. How do you think the other players feel?. As a United fan, how do you feel about their summer being spoilt?. Peejay, even if some fans are feeling CR7 should be hung, drawn and quartered, we need to realise that feelings are running high at the moment. Not everybody is going to see it the same way. I am a Salford lad, but if our Southern fans feel more strongly than other fans about this, which I don’t think they do, then they have different opinions to you PeeJay, but not to many other United fans. I think it better if CR7 does go, because he has been hiding, and there will be no hiding place at Old Trafford next season if he stays. Yet regarding the players from other clubs you mentioned, unlike those clubs United don’t have to sell, so if Fergie continues his stance with Madrid, there’s nothing all the debating in the world can do about that!. Enjoy next season PeeJay!.

  21. Ronaldo has been quoted to have said that Real Madrid “is a step forward”. Fact.

    At the end of the day the fact is that Ronaldo seems to want to leave, Real Madrid seem to want to buy him and that’s that. We’ve tried to buy star players of other teams in the past and will do so in the future and therefore have no real argument against Real Madrid who are just doing it better than us. That is the real difference; they are simply tapping-up and hustling better than us, using their players and newspapers aswell.

    We can’t be upset with Real for wanting Ronaldo and doing their utmost to sign him or Ronaldo for wanting to move to a nicer city than Manchester, with more similar players to him personality-wise, warmer and culturally better and similar to Portugal. Do you think he’d fit in better with someone like for example Sergio Ramos or someone like Darren Fletcher?

    Anyway, Ronaldo said he’s staying today, apparently. Let’s hope it’s true, let’s hope we can forget Ramsey and Pique and make up for these losses this summer starting with Veloso and some other good young players.

  22. PeeJay mate, I appreciate the point you’re making, but it annoys me a little when you use, for example, a comparison between Ramos and Fletcher.

    Do you think he’d rather play alongside Ramos or Nani?

    What about Ruud or Giggs?

    It’s very well picking out one of our less illustrious players and one of their bigger names, but it works both ways. Ronaldo already has many close friendships within the United camp and that is clear on the pitch. The real question is is he willing to give all that up for a team that will NOT play around him or for him, and who won’t give him a pat on the back when he shoots from 30 yards and misses.

    It’s a lot harder a decision than simply “Ramos or Fletcher”.

  23. If he does stay PeeJay, I think you’ll be one of the few fans to welcome CR7 with open arms straight away. I think most of the United faithful couldn’t care less anymore. His name won’t be getting chanted from the rafters as it used to in games home and away. That alone will deflate his massive need for being surrounded with love and affection, as Carlos Quiroz clearly says he needs. Hearing other players sang about and exalted before him, will maybe make him realise what he has lost. Do the United family down, and they have Looooooooooong memories!. He needs to go to Madrid now, and learn that ever so humiliating lesson, United will still win things without him.

  24. Ok, maybe comparing Ramos and Fletcher was a bit excessive but I’m confident that Ronaldo would fit in better at Madrid then in Manchester. Don’t think Nani and Ronaldo are great friends, they have quite dissimilar personalities. Two players need to share more than a language to be friends. Ronaldo is most probably more friendly with Anderson. Either way, I’d see him fitting in perfectly at Real and don’t blame him for wanting to surround himself by people who are more similar to him culturally like Brazilians, Argentines, Spaniards and Italians than British people. And I might be the only one to welcome him with open arms but watch when he goes back to scoring, the United fans that were on their feet shouting at Ronaldo in ’06 forgave him and they’ll do it again and again without causing themselves any problems.

  25. I was going by the stories in the early part of last season that said that Ronaldo, Anderson and Nani were “living it up”, Nani was merely an example.

    I understand what you mean about the culture but Ronaldo lives with his entire family and SEEMS to be a grounded person in that sense. There’s nothing to suggest that the players who have similar cultures in Madrid will have similar personalities – by your own admission.

    What I’m saying in effect is that he has everything he wants apart from warmer weather and a white home shirt. Better team mates, better camaraderie, better level of competition, a chance to make his mark as the number one player of a generation. I don’t think he could get any of those at Real, especially not at the moment. Bankrolling a move for Ronaldo will mean a backwards step for the rest of the team – they would need to sell, and they are already some way behind us in terms of quality.

    What he is gaining in (arguably) more cultural “similarities” won’t really help him all that much on the pitch. There’s no conclusive argument that suggests a move to Real is anything but a step backwards and I think now that the smoke is beginning to clear and Madrid are not as forthcoming with putting their money where the mouth is, Ronaldo is probably quickly realising the grass is not always greener in the nick of time.

  26. Yolkie, great thinking mate, I’m with you!.

    PeeJay, you have the same mentality of thought as CR7, he thinks a couple of goals and all will be forgiven. I personally don’t think so, but we will see eh?. I may be proved wrong!. I wonder as well what his team mates think about him now?. I suspect he won’t be getting as many of them doing the dog hard work, covering for Ronnie’s lack of effort except in the forward or goal scoring position, so that he just receives the ball in glorious positions to score as many goals as he does. Then again, we shall see.

    Also, I hope you watched the Portugal team!. Because in the recent Euro tournament, Sousa, Deco, and other players would not allow Ronnie to take many free kicks, or I suspect penalties if they had got any. Latin players will not step aside to make Ronnie numero Uno, because they want to be numero uno themselves. That is their culture you see Peejay, learn from Real Madrid, it’s dog eat dog. I am not being nationally biased here either, because everyone who watched the Euro’s saw what I have just said. He wasn’t a big shot amongst them. So do you think in Madrid, all the other Galacticos are going to do all they can to further Ronnie’s mission. Don’t think so Peejay. I mean come on mate, think about it?.

    I don’t think Ronnie will stay, because if he has been reading texts and emails for tv sports phone ins etc, and newspapers, he will see that he has lost a lot of support among many Man U fans, and whether you accept it or not, adoration is very important to him. I would just say again, that the change in attitude amongst a lot of the United faithful, is not because he is wanting to go, but his whole I’ll let you know my decision when I feel like it sort of thing. After saying in every interview, I’ll definately say in a few days. After saying that so often, and not keeping to it, nobody believes a word he says anymore.

  27. You say that the rest of the team would suffer economically if Ronaldo were to arrive, so much so that some would need to be sold. I disagree, we all know Real Madrid have money and we all know that if Ronaldo goes then he’s not going to get anywhere near £300.000 a week. I think Real can afford Ronaldo without many problems.

    I think that at Real Madrid he would achieve more or less the same that he has achieved here. I would also like to remind everybody that Ronaldo hasn’t really said anything when you think about it. All he’s said is “Real has always been a dream” and “I like the white shirt”, if you pay attention you’ll see that Ronaldo has never said anything like “I wish to join Real Madrid”, which is why I don’t think anybody will “hold a grudge”, it will all be forgotten fairly quickly like ’06 and everything else. I think Ronaldo will be accepted as soon as he comes back, if nothing else, out of gratitude and relief.

    I’m very sorry to say it but I don’t envision us winning the Champions League in the next five years with the current squad – Ronaldo + Berbatov or whoever the striker we’re buying is. Eric Harrison was right when he said only Messi can replace Ronaldo, casually forgetting that Messi gets injured more than Van Persie and Robben put together.

    To be honest, maybe it’s because I’m Italian and I know what it’s like to go from a lovely warm country to rainy ol’ Manchester that I’m not as enraged as the rest of us, if that’s the case then shall be. But I do think that all these stereotypes about United fans arise because of our known versatility; there are some of us who are able to hate and love a player in alterning moments.

    I agree that he wants to be adored but he knows that United fans stick with their players and I can’t envision Ronnie being booed by United supporters.

    I say he stays, simply because Ronaldo is worth, considering his marketability, possibly over £100mil. He is 10 years younger that Beckham and is capable of indeed replacing him because other than the looks he is also an extraordinary footballer. This is one of Real Madrid’s plans, to make him their new face, their main Galactico and turn him into a real star. For these reasons Ronaldo is very valuable and will cost an immense amount of money.

    We know that if Utd sell, it will have to be an extravagant amount of money and Real have already said that they won’t go crazy. For these reasons either Ronaldo demands a transfer, Real come in with a big bid like £70 and United realize that he’ll just leave on a free at the end of his contract and sell him, or he stays, I say he stays.

  28. Lol Peejay, I think I understand you a bit better now, and where you are coming from in this debate, you being Italian and all. You are from a similar culture to CR7, so will have different ideology than us Englanders – haha!. We Salfordians, which I am one, are breastfed United and the glory of United History from birth. So we probably have a different take on the whole loyalty thing. Italians, throughout the years, like Spain, are used to constant changing in their football teams – right?.

    Cannot agree with the thought that CR7 will come back and be received out of pure gratitude and relief. Cannot see there being much of either, and certainly not relief, as we will probably have to endure the ruination of our summers for next 2 or 3 years, when this all happens with him again. United faithful were tolerant in 2006, but Ronnie has probably come to the end of a lot of good will from most supporters at Old Trafford to whom loyalty is sacrosanct.

  29. ps – Peejay, I think United will definately win the CL in the next 5 years, probably next year!!!!. We will see. BELIEVE…………………………………………………….

  30. Peejay, Real Madrid have money. Of course they do, they are bankrolled, but my friend, they do not have a bottomless cash pit, they are not Chelsea of 2005 – even the Chelsea of today have to be prudent, to an extent.

    The point I’m making is that this Real Madrid side isn’t the Real Madrid side of 2003, there is nowhere near the same glamour in the side and in the likes of Heinze, Robben, Van Nistlerooy to name just 3 they have players who couldn’t even get in the United side at present. They’re just the definites – Metzelder, Cannavaro (class but now getting on), Diarra, Marcelo, even Robinho, and to an extent even Sneijder – their two best outfield players would struggle to get into United’s line up.

    It’s just my opinion of course but say they sign Ronaldo for £80m. They will still need to sign two centre halves, two stronger classier midfielders, and someone to replace Ruud when the shizzle hits the fizzle regarding his and Ronaldo’s relationship. No side can accomodate Sneijder, Robinho, Robben, Ronaldo, AND a striker. These aren’t players with the talent of Zidane or Figo who can effortlessly blend in. In Robinho, Robben, Ronaldo and Ruud there are massive ego’s who aren’t exactly renowned for happiness in taking the back seat.

    So that’s 5 potential replacements to compete in key areas with United and Chelsea – that’s COMPETE, before even beginning to feel superior.

    And those potential replacements will probably be sought after by the top teams in Europe should they come available.
    Real may have the money for one or two players but I still feel they’re a long way away.

    That said, that’s the beauty of debate, you are of course entitled to your opinion and I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m merely stating that I don’t think that the lure of Real Madrid is attractive as it is being made out to be.

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